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Dictionary Of Occupational Titles
Appendix A: Revisions from the 4th Edition DOT

    APPENDIX A REVISIONS FROM THE 4TH EDITION DOT In this revised edition of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT), several format and content changes were made in an effort to make this DOT easier to use. The most noticeable change in this revised DOT is that a profile has been appended to each definition. This profile contains the following selected occupational analysis characteristics: GOE Code; Strength rating; R, M, and L of GED; and SVP. (A detailed explanation of these characteristics can be found in Appendix C.) The last item in the trailer, the Date of Last Update (DLU), is the date of the most recent material gathered in support of that occupation. The date ``1977'' indicates that the occupation has not been studied since the publication of the fourth edition DOT in 1977. This entry allows the reader to identify the currency of each definition. It also identifies ``new'' definitions in the DOT or alerts the reader to previously published and recently updated definitions. A new division has been added to the DOT classification structure, Division 03 COMPUTER-RELATED OCCUPATIONS, and under it there have been added five new Occupational Groups to reflect a reorganization of the DOT taxonomy to bring all of the computer-related occupations together. The five Occupational Groups are as follows: 030 OCCUPATIONS IN SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND PROGRAMMING 031 OCCUPATIONS IN DATA COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKS 032 OCCUPATIONS IN COMPUTER SYSTEMS USER SUPPORT 033 OCCUPATIONS IN COMPUTER SYSTEMS TECHNICAL SUPPORT 039 COMPUTER-RELATED OCCUPATIONS, N.E.C. Additionally, when an updated occupational definition in this DOT contains a reference to the title of another occupation, the DOT code of the referenced occupation is listed, following the referenced DOT title. Within the definitions and the indexes, Undefined Related (UR) titles will now be shown in initial capital letters instead of all captial letters to avoid confusion between Base and UR Titles. Also, additional appendices have been added to the revised DOT. In this revised DOT, Appendix A is new. Appendix B was the Appendix in the 1977 DOT. Appendix C, mentioned above, explains the components of the definition trailer, Appendix D explains how to use the DOT for job placement, and Appendix E explains how to submit information concerning occupations not found in the DOT. (Appendix D and Appendix E were sections in the front of the 1977 DOT). The fourth edition DOT Industry Designations have been revised and reduced from 220 to 140 Industry Designations to more closely reflect the Standard Industrial Classification system. And finally, to facilitate its use, the Alphabetical Index of Occupational Titles appears as the last section in the DOT.

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